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Book publishing services are a stepping stone to make you a best-selling author, when you hire as your book publishers, we provide you with a global exposure. We ensure your stories reach as many people as possible, and you become a household name! Our motive is to not only publish your books but to make your books reach the correct target audience!

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It is a pity when you put your heart out in a book but it is not published due to certain reasons, mostly there are multiple authors who write impeccably well and should make the top publishing sites however because of some publishing errors mostly they never see the limelight.

When you complete your manuscript, publishing can be an excruciating process if you are not working with professionals. Our professional book marketeers are champions of publishing your books on renowned platforms with ease and your convenience.

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Because your manuscript is the foundation of your book, take the time to write and thoroughly revise it. Check that your story or message is clear and engaging, and that your writing is polished and free of errors. You might want to hire an editor to help you improve your writing. From trim size, designs, high-resolution photographs, font choices and many more.

Research and select the right publisher; there are many publishers out there, so do your research to find the ones that are compatible with the genre and target audience of your book. Look for publishers with a good reputation, strong distribution channels, and a successful track record in your field of interest. This is where The Universal Writers come in, where you can find track records of reputable clients and make your decision after a complete and thorough research!

Make a professional book proposal: A book proposal is a document that outlines the key aspects of your book, such as the synopsis, target audience, marketing strategy, and author bio. A well-written book proposal can help you stand out to publishers, increasing your chances of landing a book deal.

Your body of work speaks for itself and when it is not available or accessible to your audience, it will go in vain. Our philosophy with book writing services is to offer you a handful of technical yet efficient ways to publish your books on all leading-platforms.

Publishers prefer to work with authors who have a large following and can promote their own book. Create a social media presence, a website or blog, and attend book signings and events to build your platform. The greater your visibility and credibility as an author, the more likely it is that publishers will take notice of you.

We offer support in copyediting, content editing, and proofreading. We ensure all of your manuscripts are formatted, edited according to publishing standards so you never have a problem telling the world your stories! An editorial review will typically cover the following topics:

Content: The review evaluates the work's substance and structure, determining whether it is well-written, engaging, and informative.

Style and tone: The review considers the work's writing style and tone, determining whether it is appropriate for the intended audience and genre.

Structure: The review evaluates the work's entity and flow, determining whether the structure supports the overall message and theme.

Language and grammar: The review examines the work's language and grammar, determining whether it is accurate, clear, and error-free.

Our experts take charge of your project from paperback, hardback, PDF, HTML and many other formats that are used for publishing, our team knows exactly how to make your manuscripts publish ready.

A hardcover book has a strong cover made of cardboard or thick paper that is wrapped in cloth, vinyl, or leather. It is also sewn or glued bound, making it more durable and long-lasting than a paperback. A paperback book, on the other hand, has a flexible cover made of thin paper or cardstock and a glued binding, making it less durable and prone to wear and tear.

A book proposal is a document that outlines the key aspects of your book, such as the synopsis, target audience, marketing strategy, and author bio. A well-written book proposal can help you stand out to publishers, increasing your chances of landing a book deal.

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Why Choose Us as Your Publishing Experts?

Due to the digital transformation, many leading publishing platforms have made it very easy for any author publish their books easily. Our tech-savvy publishers our experts of choosing the best sites, formats and niches for your books!

Pre-Publishing Services

We cover all the services that includes in the publishing process, we manage and take care of all your needs! We take measure to identify and verify all the sources, cite your manuscripts, provide typesetting, copyediting and formatting services.

Affordable Publishing Services

Our book publishers give great priority to organic leads and sales, they focus on marketing the book to increase sales and boosts engagement on your Author’s Website. Our publishing services publicize your books through social media channels to garner more sales.

Acquisition & Editing

We take your initial drafts and help you connect to our experts to find the potential of your book. Our expert publishers stay on top of market trends and can calculate your book’s scope. Our team follows guidelines and standardizes every procedure for aspiring authors.

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We provide tailored services to accomplish your goals, ensuring your contentment and gratification. We do not just write stories; we bring life to them. Let’s connect!

Take the hassle out of book publishing with our comprehensive services

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Publish Your Books Worldwide and Become a Recognized Author!

Our publishing experts leave no page unturned, quite literally! Our team of professional editors and publishers work together as a collaborative unit. The Universal Writers, specialize in mastering all the formats to make your books compatible with multiple devices and platforms. This way, your word can reach out to more people, we help you out with self-publishing a book.

While we take care of the technicalities you can work on your manuscripts and perfect them – as for publishing them, our top-notch book publishers who have worked on hundreds of books and precisely know where your niche and target audience lies.

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A Complete Spectrum of Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting services do not only stop at writing; first and foremost, it starts with preliminary research where our talented ghost writers brainstorm with their respective teams to do a complete run-down of how your manuscript should look in the end. From comprehensive chapter outlines to designing customized book covers, we discuss, communicate, and are extremely well-versed when it comes to ghost writing. We assist you in meeting all your basic requirements in the most hassle-free way.


Dwell in the adventurous universe of fictitious story writing.


We craft stories that are a reflection of your life. We convey your stories to the world!


Get in-depth and informative biographies for your target audience


Features stats, graphs, and infographics that our expert's fact-check.


Our team deals with providing writing services for real-life, self-narrations.


Feature a heartfelt collection of your favorite memories for your loved ones.

Process We Follow How We Create a Masterpiece

Let us take you on a step-by-step guide to our processes; we work through a chronology and practice timely submissions that are tweaked to your liking before the final publishing stage.

Take the hassle out of book publishing with our comprehensive services

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Let Us Help You Understand Book Publishing
How do I self-publish my book?

The Universal Writers are here to assist you in self-publishing your books; you just have t decide where you want to publish your books from Amazon Kindle, IngramSpark, or Blurb; all leading publishing platforms have their own set of requirements and guidelines.

What is the process of publishing?

The Universal Writers follow a standardized process to publish your books, we have carefully designed each step to expedite your publishing process smoothly.

  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Technical Editing
  • Typesetting
  • Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Post-Publishing Evaluation
How much does book publishing services cost?

Depending on your book, the price range can offer, from conceptualization to in-depth research; some literary books can cost anywhere from $100 up to $500.

Is publishing a book difficult?

Publishing a book is a complex and multi-layered process, there are a lot of technicalities that are required to publish a book, more so if it being published on top sites like Amazon. But through our expert book publishing services you can easily lessen your burden to advance your career as a best-selling author.

How can I market my book to the public?

Our publishing services help you connect with all the top sites where your books can be published and become the next bestsellers. Our team of professional editors and publishers ensure your online publications are supported by all the necessary research, and proven solutions.

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