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10 Best Awards for Book Authors in 2024

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It’s gratifying as an author to have your efforts and accomplishments acknowledged. And, what can be better than an award to appreciate the writer’s work?

Apart from that, the best awards for authors can boost the career of a writer. However, many aspiring writers don’t know about the most prestigious literary awards. These wards are divided according to some categories. Some of these awards are distributed yearly. In comparison, the others are presented in two years. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated. Additionally, the audience searches for the best books by looking at the awards they have received.

To let all the writers know about the most prestigious awards in the world that can take your career to another level are stated below:

Noble Prize

One of the most prestigious literary awards in the literary world is the Noble prize. It is given out to the authors based on their outstanding contributions. According to Alfred Nobel’s bequest, the Swedish prize has been awarded yearly since 1901. The award is up for nomination from writers. To be eligible for the award, the authors must receive at least two prior nominations.

Writers who have written in more than 50 languages have been awarded this prize. Since its creation, the Nobel committee has only given the Nobel Prize in Literature to a few writers, including Samuel Beckett, Virginia Woolf, Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, and T. S. Eliot.

Being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature is a fantastic achievement that brings an author fame worldwide and a substantial cash prize.

Pulitzer Prize

In 1917, the Pulitzer Prize was first awarded. The prize’s creation is attributed to renowned journalist Joseph Pulitzer. Columbia University in New York City administers this as one of the best awards for authors. This esteemed award is given annually in 21 categories to authors.

Each winner in the 20 categories receives a certificate, money, and, in the case of the journalism category, a gold medal. There are several genres for authors, such as poetry, history, biography, playwriting, non-fiction, and fiction. The award is granted for journalism, literature, and musical composition accomplishments. Currently, online journalism has also been categorized. This is an author’s award to gain recognition around the world.

Booker Prize

This honor is given to the best English-language book released in Ireland or the United Kingdom. It was formerly known as the Man Booker Prize and has been given out since 1969. The grand prize is £50,000, which is given to the winner. The remaining six authors who were finalists or shortlisted each receive £2,500. Previously, the Booker Prize only accepted writing from Zimbabwe, Ireland, and the Commonwealth. But in 2014, the Booker Prize was expanded to include English-language literature.

The website of this award not only lists past and present prize winners but also includes news releases, author biographies, and images of the most recent year’s winners.

International Booker Prize

The International Booker Prize is the most prestigious award, started in 2005 as an alternative to the Booker Prize. From 2016, it had changed from being presented biannually to happening annually. The prize is given to a single book that has been released in Ireland or the UK and has either been published in English or has been translated into English. The winning book’s author and translator each receive a portion of the award.

Neustadt International Prize

Sponsored by the University of Oklahoma and its international literary journal World Literature, the Neustadt International Prize for Literature is undoubtedly the most prestigious award. In 1970, the inaugural Neustadt Prize was presented.

You can call it one of the best awards for authors, as the winner receives a certificate, a silver eagle feather, and a $50,000 cash award. Similar to the Nobel Prizes, the Neustadt Prizes honor writers for their whole body of work rather than just one book. The Neustadt Prize was dubbed “The Oklahoma Nobel” by The New York Times in 1982. There are numerous recipients of both the Neustadt Prize and the Nobel Prize. A writer can get this award every two years.

PEN Literary Awards

This award, which was established in 1963, recognizes outstanding writing in a variety of categories. NPO PEN America was established in 1922. It focuses on literary expression to promote freedom of speech in America. This organization annually bestows the PEN America awards as a coveted accolade in the list of the most prestigious awards in the world.

National Book Awards

The National Book Foundation is a voluntary organization that manages the National Book Awards. The first award was given out in America in 1950. There is a long list of authors who received the ward as one of the best awards for authors, including Saul Bellow, Toni Morrison, Flannery O’Connor, Adrienne Rich, Thomas Pynchon, Alice Walker, E. Annie Proulx, Jesmyn Ward, and Ta-Nehisi Coates, have won National Book Awards.

Other winners include William Faulkner, Marianne Moore, Ralph Ellison, John Cheever, Bernard Malamud, Philip Roth, Robert Lowell, Walker Percy, John Updike, and Katherine Anne. The Awards commemorate the best works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translated literature, and children’s literature produced each year.

The National Book Critics Circle Awards

These awards started celebrating authors in the year 1976. The National Book Critics Circle gives out prizes every year in the following six categories. The categories include fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, poetry, and criticism for the best works that have been published in English. If this is one of the top awards for authors you are aiming for, you need to publish your work in America.

The Dartmouth Medal

This medal is yet another one from the list of the most prestigious literary awards, which was established in 1974. This medal celebrates those who have written, compiled, edited, or published books or electronic information of exceptional quality and relevance. The prize is granted to works initially released or made publicly accessible during the year before the award was presented.

The Independent Author Network IAN Book of the Year Awards

Over thirty fiction and non-fiction, categories are open to all authors in a global competition. This is hands down among the top 5 awards for authors that take place online. Winners are eligible for a portion of cash awards totaling more than $6,000.

Each finalist and the award winner will get appreciation from the jury for the awards. The Books of the Year will be selected from six exceptional works. The winning books will be shared on the IAN Facebook page, which has over 120,000 likes, and on Twitter, which has 575,000 followers.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get credibility as an author, getting the best awards for authors should be your long-term goal. When you have the option to add a few awards in your bio, it gives you an edge as a writer. If you want to receive one of the most prestigious awards in the world, think about hiring the best professional ghost writers to help you.

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