how to write a mash-up novel

How to Write a Mash-up Novel on Your Favorite Originals

In the recent world, poetry and fiction reading and writing are very different from what they were several years ago. Even the way people read and discuss creative work has fundamentally transformed. Many believe that journalism and technology play a huge role in this change. The internet has allowed people to participate in creative work by sharing feedback.

The participatory effect of the internet has opened new doors of creativity in the literary world. Mashup novel is another way of breaking ground that only a few writers have tried.

To understand the nitty-gritty of how to write a mash-up novel, scroll down to read this blog:

What is a Mashup Novel

As the word mashup novel suggests, it is a fusion of two types of fictional work. The writer picks an original creative fiction and mixes it with commentary on the source material. The first ever work in this category is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In this book, the writer has taken a jab at the classic in a funny way.

You don’t always have to combine two genres when learning how to write a mash-up novel. You can combine two distinct narratives to create a new plot for the fans. In simple words, you need to include aspects from several works, one of which is a classic work. Similarly, although the parody approach is quite popular, you can go in any direction.

Sometimes, you’ll look at a task or a set of instructions and feel like the creative juices are flowing. This thought results from the need for more innovative or fascinating things to write about the subject.

Therefore, here is an easy-to-follow method to help you write your mashup novel.

Fuel Your Inspiration

Your greatest source of inspiration is the written word itself. When learning how to write a mash-up novel, you need to find something to spark inspiration. It happens when you read a fantastic piece of writing or spend time with other authors who share your enthusiasm. The best time to write something is when you’re eager to discuss a good book with someone after finishing it.

If you are wondering how to write a mashup novel using your commentary and need clarification on the idea, you can look for two original books you like. After that, you can make an attempt to merge them.

Get to Work

If you want to know how to write a mashup novel, you need to put in some effort from the beginning. Getting your narrative down on paper is a vital component of creative writing. It can be intimidating and debilitating to consider writing something that is a new trend. Instead of focusing on the end result, try concentrating on the writing process.

Don’t pause to edit when the words are coming to you. You’ll lose focus and momentum and forget your ideas and thoughts. Write the idea first. Later on, you can go back and edit.

If you want to know how to write a mashup novel using two of your favorite books:

  •         Review the content you are excited about, then pick a theme or genre that interests you.
  •         Set a timer for five minutes, and jot down as many different themes and genres as possible within that time. Remember, do it without thinking about your audience.
  •         Compare and contrast the two books on your two lists to see if you can find a special combination.
  •         Spend 10 minutes listing all the similarities between the two genres as you experiment with different pairings.


Then, pick up some paper and a pen. Try not to use electronic devices to save this information. Label each of the materials you write with the number. Don’t overthink the names that come to your mind; go with your gut. Write down the interesting phrases that come to your mind.

Answer the following questions to get a better direction on your work:

  •         What was your favorite book when you were growing up?
  •         What movie is your all-time favorite?
  •         Pick your favorite myth, folklore, or fairy tale.
  •         Select a true story that left an impact on you.
  •         What enigma fascinates you? (It may be something related to science, history, true crime, or a novel.)
  •         What are your recent favorites?
  •         Which monster fascinates you the most? (Supernatural, human, or animal)
  •         What elements of a story terrify you the most?
  •         What has ever happened to you that you find the funniest?
  •         Which idea from a film or book didn’t live up to its potential?

Answering these questions will give you a much clearer idea of how to write a mashup novel.

Adequate Research

Research is crucial in this genre. Examine your subjects in-depth till you become a specialist in them. You should do this not simply because your readers want accurate information. During this research, you may find the connection between the two plots.

Best Genre for Mashup Novels

There is no right or wrong in choosing the genre. As long as your idea is good, any genre can work out. However, there is a reason why most authors favor including some science-based aspects in their fiction. Because the elements you put in your mash-up don’t already exist, you can make the plot in the fantasy genre.

Most writers make an effort to incorporate more contemporary phenomena into their mash-ups. Even though some sci-fi novels have made big in the market, you don’t have to try the same formula. After you understand how to write a mashup novel, you can choose different genres.

Who Will Publish a Mashup Novel

Numerous additional publishing houses will publish this genre of a fiction novel. In this genre, you need to clearly understand what you want to accomplish. You need to reach a point where your book becomes hilarious and original. If the content of your book is good, any publication house will take your book.

No matter what genres are covered in your novel, different publishing firms like The Universal Writers can assist you in getting it published. But if you want to be safe, use a reputable publishing business in the industry.

They make sure that it is even up to the standards of the top names. So that the clients make sure your work is published in the right manner.

In Conclusion

Once you learn how to write a mashup novel, you can use your skills to mash up anything and everything. If you think you need some assistance with the work, that is where ghostwriting companies come in.

They have the perfect team available to write your work so that it reaches even greater heights than the books written previously. In fact, you can come up with material that is even better than the former work done on this trend. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to call them.